Burning pellets in a pellet stove is a preferred heating option for more than one million families across the United States. It is a cost effective, clean, and convenient method to heat your home with pellet fuel. However, while the choice to burn pellets is simple, choosing the type of pellets can be a little confusing, leaving homeowners askaing questions like: Do I choose a softwood or hardwood? How many BTUs do I need to heat my home? What is a BTU anyway?

Whether you have recently purchased a pellet stove for the coming winter season, or if you’ve been burning pellets for years, we’ve done the research to put your questions to rest and help you choose the best pellets for your home. The main factors to consider when selecting and purchasing pellets are type of wood, BTUs (the heat output), ash content, and of course, price. Cheap Wood Pellets Supplier, Wood pellet for sale in Europe. 

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Typically, there will be two types of wood used in wood pellets: hardwood or softwood. Hardwood in its raw form burns for longer as it has a higher density. Softwood, on the other hand, typically has higher BTU’s due to the lignin concentration in the wood, so it burns hotter.

So, what does that mean for your pellet stove? Not a lot. During the pellet production process, sawdust and wood residuals are compressed into pellets, and the type of wood used can either be used consistently, or blended. Once compressed, both hardwood and softwood pellets end up with a similar density. In its raw form, hardwood is very different from softwood, but once it is compressed, the type of wood does not make much of a difference in heating your stove if you have a quality pellet stove with good air flow.

The real thing to look for in your type of pellet is the quality of the wood, ensuring that the pellets you choose are made of real wood, and not mixed with cardboard, bark, or synthetics.

Our Vision IS TO Minimum CO2 pressure on our wood pellet products

About 10 years ago, the logistics lines of our export customers turned out to be very well aligned with a number of regions where wood pellet production is high. Regularly a cargo of wood pellets was loaded for the EU market.To keep the CO2 pressure on our products as low as possible, we load all freight with our own equipment at the producers themselves with the shortest possible route and as few empty miles as possible.

Our warehouse in Midtjylland is 100% CO2 neutral. The building is equipped with 1,000 solar panels with which we generate about 250 MWh of solar energy. In addition to the solar panels, we naturally heat our premises with wood pellets. This combination results in CO2 neutral storage of our products.

Why wood pellets?

Wood pellets offer an unbeatable combination of high heat, amazing efficiency, hassle free use and low environmental impact.
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