Best Wood Pellets for Heating 2022

Best Wood Pellets for Heating 2022

Best Wood Pellets for Heating 2022

Bear Mountain Oak Wood Pellets

Premium Oak BBQ Grilling pellets are made from 100% natural wood and deliver a perfect burn for a perfect balance of smooth, smoky wood -fired flavor.

When most folks think of barbecue or smoked food, they immediately think of hickory as the standard wood. In reality, it’s not. Oak is the most ubiquitous wood in barbecue because some varieties grow in almost every region of the country. Depending on its application, its flavor can be mild and subtle or punch-you-right-in-the-grill pronounced. Because of this, it’s versatile to the point that it serves as well on fish as on brisket.

Traeger Pecan Wood Pellets

Traeger wood pellets are made from 100% natural hardwood, and come in a range of flavours meaning that you can achieve the authentic low and slow smoked taste you’d expect from an experience pitmaster using split wood with a fraction of the effort.

The flavors of hickory, maple, and cherry hardwoods combine for a blend that can take on just about anything you cook. From classic BBQ meats, to fish and veggies, this versatile blend gives you full-bodied flavor you’ll go back to time and time again. *Packaging may vary.Traeger pellets are some of the best wood pellets available. By opting for flavoured hardwood pellets, you’ll get all the natural flavours, but with the enhanced burn quality of oak or alder. Hickory is very popular flavour for grilling and smoking, releasing a strong flavour that complements most meats, making this a great choice. Stronger flavours can be mixed it with milder pellets like oak or apple. 

Okanagan Douglas Fir

Okanagan Douglas Fir is one of the best wood pellet on the market. Burning hotter, longer, and cleaner than any other wood pellet, Okanagan Douglas Fir has set the standard for super premium fuel pellets. Made from 100% Douglas Fir Softwood, Okanagan Douglas Fir does not use recycled wood, additives, plastic or waxes. Additionally, the very low ash content of this product results in less cleaning and maintenance of your stove, boiler, or furnace.

Hamer’s Hot Ones

Hammer pellets are the best with very little ash and a lot of heat . Great pellet for the price. I burned a ton of these in my Harman Accentra, and although they burned nice and hot, they did tend to produce quite a bit of ash. Overall, a good solid option for the money.

Though each tastes like smoke, the flavors and characteristics of these woods vary. Choosing the best wood pellets depends on the food you’re smoking and your flavor preferences. We like the Bear Mountain Oak Wood Pellets for a good, versatile wood that pairs with almost anything. For those looking for something more distinct, you can go to the far end of the intensity spectrum with Louisiana Grills Texas Mesquite Hardwood Pellets or BBQ’rs Delight Orange Wood Pellets for a more restrained and nuanced flavor.

Understanding the properties of wood pellets helps consumers to choose wisely when stocking up on pellet fuel, making the most of their heating investment. Learn a little more about the difference between Hardwood and Softwood wood pellets. I bet you think that Hardwood pellets are better? Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you may be wrong. The fact is, people have thought that because their grandfather always burned “seasoned hardwood” in the old wood stove. Well once you pellitaze sawdust, all of those rules fly out the window.

Here at LF-TÆTNING APS, we’re proud to sell the most reliable and attractive Wood Pellets to all our customers.

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