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A2 Class Wood Pellets for Sale

Today we are very pleased to be releasing our newest bag and updated product line to our customers and partners in the United Kingdom called ENPOWER wood pellets. These pellets are the cornerstone of our offering and align our pellets with our core company values of reliability, quality and value.

The ENPOWER brand is succeeding the Pure Biofuel blue bags and will retain a similar design, the see-through flame which has been on each iteration of our designs is now larger in order to easily inspect the quality of the pellet inside, while the ENplus A1 Certificate UK 341 has moved to the top left-hand corner and make much more prominent.

ENplus A2 wood pellets. High-quality wood pellets (6 mm) are made from environmentally friendly pine wood without additives. They have high performance characteristics, such as high calorific value, low ash content and humidity. Our pellets do not slag and do not form cakes.

Wood Pellet Price Per Ton

Wood pellet prices range between $5 and $9 for a 40-pound bag, or an average of $7 per bag. A single bag lasts about 24 hours with constant burning in a pellet stove. If you’re buying in bulk, the cost of wood pellets is roughly $250 per ton. Wood Pellets Price

Wholesale suppliers of Premium Bio fuel-Wood Pellets . 

We are a wood pellet supply company located in Portugal. We supply and deliver bagged or bulk wood fuel. The wood pellets we supply are locally sourced biomass fuel, minimising the carbon emissions used during the pellet production process. Best Quality Cheap Wood Pellets

The Wood Pellets we supply have been manufactured using a Combined Heat and Power System into a wood pellet manufacturing plant. This uses locally sourced, low grade biomass for generating 100% of the electrical and heat energy required in the wood pellet production process, minimizing the carbon emissions. Looking at the entire wood pellet production cycle (taking into account harvesting trees, transport, processing and burning the final product) we can demonstrate net savings of 90% of CO2 over oil or LPG. Cheap wood pellet

Our Pellets are made with best quality raw material 
below are the raw material list 
a) saw dust 
b) agricultural waste 
c) groundnut shell 
d ) cashew shell 
e) mustard husk 
f) rice husk 
g) soyabean husk 

we have best in house receipee and can make standard , customized , work for all our clients as well 

Our Missions

  • To PROMOTE, deepen and spread knowledge about the use of wood pellets for energy production;
  • To ADVOCATE towards EU decision-makers the opportunities and concerns about the development of the pellet market in Europe;
  • To ensure and improve the QUALITY of the pellet sector by offering certification schemes, training and information on quality;
  • To improve pellet MARKET INTELLIGENCE in order to foster its sustainable development;
  • To encourage and facilitate NETWORKING between national associations.

Globally, the energy industry is increasingly using wood pellets to replace fossil fuels to substantially lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. For example, a study at a power station in the United Kingdom found that, even after accounting for fossil fuel emissions along the supply chain during harvesting, manufacturing and transportation, wood pellets lower GHG emissions by more than 80 percent compared to coal.

Wood heat saves you money in the long run, but there are other costs to consider.

Wood stoves are a very affordable heating option for many families. The cost of installation, fuel, and upkeep on a wood stove can be lower than that of oil, gas, forced hot air, or electric heat. However, it is important to consider all up front and maintenance costs associated with a wood stove, so you know what to expect.

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