LF-TÆTNING APS is the voice of the wood pellet sector in Europe. Its members are national pellet associations or related organisations from 17 countries. LF-TÆTNING APS was founded in 2007 and is a network of Bioenergy Europe.

LF-TÆTNING APS is the platform of the European pellet sector dedicated to solving the issues attached to the transition from a niche product to a major energy commodity. These issues include the standardisation and certification of pellet quality, safety, security of supply, education and training, and the quality of pellet-using devices.

In this regard, LF-TÆTNING APS is coordinating the development of ENplus® quality certification and is constantly adapting this system according to market needs (e.g. certification of industrial pellets, sustainability aspects, etc.).

Our Vision

Pellets will become a leading source of renewable energy in Europe, providing a credible solution for people and businesses as a standardized commodity. Pellets are seen as an environmentally benign product delivering added value to energy use in a well-functioning market. Buy Wood Pellets in Bulk

leading company in the wholesale supply of biomass and specifically wood pellets for heat, energy and animal bedding.

Our operations are headquartered in Denmark creating an unrivaled supply chain that has driven growth over the past couple of years. Buy Grade A1 Wood Pellets Online

Our focus will always be on first class customer service and outstanding product quality. When we start working with a new customer we treat them like family, listen to feedback and make sure we are delivering a product they can be proud to offer their customers.

Today we have experienced staff covering Logistics, Customer Service and Sales, we look forward to assisting you in the future with your biomass requirements. Buy Grade A2 Wood Pellets Online

In order to be able to claim your renewable heat incentive (RHI), your wood pellets must come from a supplier registered on the Biomass Suppliers list (BSL). As part of your RHI commitment you will need to quote their BSL number on your RHI documents. Buy Enplus Grade Wood Pellets

There are many different grades of wood pellets available on the market, but the main quality benchmark is ENPlusA1, which is recommended by most boiler manufactures.

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