Pellet stove vs Wood stove

Pellet stove vs Wood stove

 Pellet stove vs Wood stove

Wood stoves burn seasoned firewood, whereas pellet stoves burn recycled wood waste pellets . One of the main differences between wood burning stoves and pellet stoves is the type of fuel they require. Seasoned firewood is required to fuel a wood burning stove, and you’ll need wood pellets for a pellet stove. wood pellets near me

Pellet stoves emit heat more consistently than traditional wood burning stoves.

The heat produced by pellet and wood burning stoves is also a little different. While the exact heating output of a pellet stove can vary based on the quality, design, and type of pellets you choose, this stove type is able to maintain a more consistent heat. Many even feature a programmable thermostat that will let you set the heat output to maintain your desired temperature. wood pellets for smoker.

According to the Pellet Fuels Institute, pellet stoves heat your home with 83% efficiency, compared to 70% for wood stoves . If you are looking for the most efficient way to stay warm, pellet stoves could be the way to go. traeger wood pellets.

If you’ve decided to heat your house using a wood fire to supplement your existing source of home heat and reduce your overall heating costs, you’re not alone. Many consumers are going back to basics when it comes to home heating; however, now there are more choices when it comes to wood-burning stoves and the type of wood fuel you can burn to heat your home. Wood Pellet Maker

There are two types of fuel when it comes to wood-burning stoves: firewood and wood pellets. There is, of course, the traditional wood-burning fireplace, but when it comes to wood fuel, this is just the beginning of the options. Compared to the traditional wood heat stove or fireplace, the pellet stove is a different breed altogether. There are important comparisons to note before making your buying decision.

Repair and Maintenance

Wood Heat

When considering which type of stove to buy, it is important to assess the upkeep of each. A wood heat stove will need more maintenance than a pellet stove. For example, before heating season, a home with a wood heat stove should have a chimney sweep and inspection to make sure all components are in efficient and safe working order. Excess build up of soot in a wood heat stove means the appliance is not working effectively to heat the home.

Pellet Stove

Although both the pellet stove and the wood heat stove require regular cleaning and removal of ash, the ash volume is less with a pellet stove, as are the emissions. It’s recommended to remove unused pellets at the end of a season to prevent rusting of the appliance’s interior. You’ll also need to clean the flue vent to prevent soot build up in the pellet stove.

Does a Pellet Stove Burn Wood?

Both types of stoves (wood and pellet) burn wood, only as the name implies, the pellet stove consumes manmade pellets made from wood. Using pellets as fuel is how pellet stoves can be automatic. As the pellet fuel is burned, a control panel circuit board or “computer” tells the auger system to send more pellets to the burn pot for ignition. If the stove is set to a higher setting, more pellets are sent to the combustion chamber.

We own and use a pellet stove, wood burning stove and a multi fuel stove and so we’ve put together the complete list of differences between pellet stoves and wood stoves.

Pellet StovesWood Stoves
Larger bodySmaller body
Easy to useLearning curve
Automated firesManual fires
Uses firewood fuelUses pellet fuel
Lower fuel availabilityHigher fuel availability
Need electricityDon’t need electricity
Unusable in power outageUseable in power outage
Higher maintenanceLower maintenance
Higher efficiency ratingsLower efficiency ratings
Cleaner burningSlightly more polluting
Lower installation costsHigher installation costs
Indoor or outside air supplyIndoor air supply
Shorter life spanLonger life span
Similar heat outputSimilar heat output
Similar weightSimilar weight
Similar purchase priceSimilar purchase price

We’ve been using our pellet stove for a while now but we’ve also been using our current wood burning and multi fuel stoves for over 5 years.

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