Pellets Price in Europe

Pellets Price in Europe

Pellets Price in Europe

Prices of wood pellets have been extremely consistent in Europe over the past decade. For instance, the average annual growth of wood pellet prices in Germany was only 0.24% from 2012 to 2021. The prices have actually dropped by 1.44% when corrected for inflation. Over this time, oil prices have leaped up and down considerably, but the value of wood pellets has never changed along with them. This obviously demonstrates the lack of a direct relationship between the trends of wood pellet and fossil fuel prices.

Pellet Price Per Ton

The year 2022 shocked European consumers with biofuel prices. As a rule, the price of wood pellets would always reduce by summer, but in 2022, the seasonal trend was reversed. The global disturbances in energy markets, the higher logistics costs, switching heating systems to biofuel and the Russian–Ukrainian conflict which resulted in a ban on importing HS Code 44 from Russia to the EU: all this caused a staggering growth of wood pellet prices in Europe.

Best Wood Pellets for Heating

Wood pellets are ideal for automatic combustion heating systems such as pellet stoves. They are often burned for heat, but they can also be used to generate steam and/or power in the process. Pellet burners can range in size from big commercial boilers to modest home warmers. Many different types of wood pellets are available to fulfill the various needs of the market and the people. Some of them are detailed below.

Where to Buy Wood Pellets Wholesale

Hardwood pellets deliver superior heat and less ash. Available in 15 kg bags and bulk orders we can deliver across Eastern Australia at competitive prices from our factory in Eden, NSW.

We recognise that pellet supply is at the forefront of consumers’ minds when they are considering purchasing a pellet heater. While Australians want to reap the benefits of pellet heating, the availability of high-quality pellets has been scarce.

We are changing that. Since January 2016, we have been manufacturing and selling wood pellets from our facility in Eden, NSW. Our pellet manufacturing equipment is a Nova Pelletising line, an integrated production facility that turns raw wood waste into bagged pellets. wood pellets price per ton

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