When will the shortage of wood pellets be resolved?

When will the shortage of wood pellets be resolved?

When will the shortage of wood pellets be resolved?

At this time, we do not know how long this shortage of wood pellets will last but we imagine other suppliers will be able to reorganise their supply chains in due course. We currently must prioritise supply to our contracted customers. If you are interested in how you might secure supplies of our locally-produced wood pellets for the coming season, please get in touch with a member of our sales team.

To avoid potential shortages this winter, we have restricted our ordering of bags to 1 pallet per customer of 75x10KG. We may have to refund you for your order of multiple products.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause but we are doing this to ensure all our customers can avail of our locally-produced pellet fuel. We are strongly recommending our customers order before we enter the winter season to ensure you are stocked up and not left disappointed.

Key reasons why you should choose LF-TÆTNING APS Energy pellet fuel!

  • The carbon footprint of wood pellets – Pellet fuel can produce one-tenth the carbon as heating with oil. If the forest the wood pellet material is sourced from is managed sustainably, the carbon footprint is significantly reduced in comparison with fossil fuel heat. This is why in LF-TÆTNING APS Energy we pride ourselves on our Manufacturing Process.
  • Forests can directly benefit – By using environmentally reliable sources for production (How we make Wood Pellet), burning pellets releases fewer carbon emissions than if trees were left to decompose in the forest. This allows modern forestry organisations to enhance the rate of carbon elimination from the environment by replanting new trees which absorb CO2.
  • Our locally produced pellets are natural – When it comes to using pellets, there are no chemicals or dangerous extracts included that could be harmful to you or the environment. Pellet fuel is made from scratch using green energy and high-quality material from trees grown in sustainable forests.
  • Storing is very easy – Wood pellets can be stored in any dry room. They are not easy to ignite and do not pose a significant fire hazard. Whereas fossil fuels such as fuel oil, gas, diesel fuel, and coal are easily flammable and contain harmful odours.

We have decided on our Christmas cut-off date for guaranteed delivery…

None of us know what is going to happen this upcoming heating season in regards to stock levels of wood pellets, which is why we are encouraging all our customers to stock up and order in advance this summer to ensure you are not left disappointed in the upcoming season. Wood pellets shortage over the past months has been huge thats why we advice our customers to try and order before time because the demand of our locally produced Pellets have increased worldwide.

To ensure you have wood pellets over the Christmas holidays, please ensure you have placed your order before December 2022.  Our production is working at full capacity and we are producing pellets 24/7 to meet the needs of as many wood pellet users as possible. Wood Pellet Shortage Is Coming

Why is there a shortage of wood pellets?

The price hikes and supply crunches that have clobbered fuel supplies and raised prices throughout the world are starting to affect the one fuel we can call our own: Wood pellets.

“There is quite a bit available right now but with the ongoing situation, there might be a rude awakening. … We’re preparing for the fact that we might not have all our brands available this winter,” said Per Hesselbjerg Mørup, the Manager.

Wood pellet shortage means no heat for some

Desperate people who want to keep their homes warm during the coldest week of the year can’t find wood pellets for their stoves.

Every dealership in town is out of wood pellets and the soonest shipment won’t come until this weekend.

The shortage, is a nationwide problem caused by a slow down in the building trade and subsequently the scrap by-products used to manufacture pellets. The problem was compounded last year when rising propane heating costs lead to an increase in pellet stove sales.

The supply situation is dicey enough that the national Pellet Fuels Institute is cautioning users who depend on them to stock up soon. Hesselbjerg said LF-TÆTNING APS is giving the same message: “We encourage our regulars to do it early.”

And even though there is no shortage yet, the possibility of one combined with pressure from high diesel prices and labor shortages is showing up in higher prices. We are Fast and best reliable suppliers of wood Pellets.

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