Wholesale wood Pellets with Top Quality

These wood pellets, brown 6mm, are DINplus certified for quality and Better Biomass NTA8080 certified for sustainability. These high-quality wood pellets are suitable for heat production in pellet stoves and pellet boilers. The pellets are produced from the residues of the timber industry and are environmentally friendly. Use this product only in approved and appropriate combustion systems according to manufacturer instructions and national regulations. These wood pellets has an excellent burning time and also provides cozy warmth in the house. With a pellet boiler you can also heat water for the heating of public swimming pools and apartments or even generate sustainable steam. Wood pellet delivery near me

  • Convenience: Are you tired of lugging around and disposing of pellet bags every year? Experience the convenience of bulk pellet delivery that are placed where you want them!
  • Preparedness: Not everyone has the time, energy or ability to regularly buy wood pellet bags all winter. Order a bulk delivery to get the entire season’s fuel at once. As a result, you’ll have the peace of mind that your winter heating is covered this year.
  • Simplicity: We’ll work with you to set up a pellet system where our pellets travel directly from our Mifflintown, PA, plant to your bulk storage. No need for individual bags — just the amount you ask for.
  • Sustainability: Imagine how many bags you throw out every year when you buy them individually. Our direct transportation doesn’t require extra packaging.
  • Accessibility: Large quantities of wood pellets are heavy, making transport difficult for folks without the strength to carry them. Since we deliver your pellets right to storage, you’ll only need to worry about the amount that goes into your stove at one time.

Our customers take advantage of these benefits and more when they receive bulk wood pellets from PELLETS EXPRESS. Please keep in mind that our bulk wood pellets are for sale worldwide. Wood pellet distributors near me.

How to choose the correct manufacturer of pellet equipment

Key points for setting up wood pellet plant:raw materials and production equipment

  1. Look for raw materials that can be directly made into pellets, such as dry sawdust, rice husks, peanut shells, mushroom residues, bagasse and other biomass powders;
  2. After the raw materials are determined, it is necessary to determine the workshop. The construction or search of the workshop is generally close to the raw materials or a place with convenient transportation. It is the best to have both. Wholesale pellet.
  3. Transformers, the biomass granulation industry consumes a lot of electricity. After determining the production capacity, choose the transformer that matches the production capacity according to the equipment power provided by the equipment manufacturer. High quality wood pellets.
  4. Before purchasing equipment, you must first understand the product quality of the equipment manufacturer. It is often difficult to distinguish the quality of the product in the network environment. You must visit the manufacturer on the spot, and don’t be fooled by the low price. The centrifugal high-efficiency pellet machine is the invention patent of our company, and it has now been upgraded to the 8th generation. The strong technical strength of Yulong Machinery will escort your pellets.