wood fuel pellets

Wood fuel pellets

Traditionally, wood stove burners have been most concerned with what type of wood they’re using and how the density will affect the wood’s use. However, during the wood pellet manufacturing process, the wood fibers get densified into pellets of similar densities. 

Pellet production involves pressing wood and residuals into pellets with consistent volumes. The natural density of hardwood and softwood don’t have nearly as much influence on wood pellet efficiency than they do their original forms. Softwood pellets have higher BTUs than hardwood pellets, but only because of a higher concentration of lignins that ignite at high temperatures. It has nothing to do with the density. best wood pellets for smoking. wood pellets for sale near me

Some consumers believe they cannot use softwood pellets in their pellet stove. This is incorrect. Your pellet stove may require different fuel and air settings for softwood, over the hardwood it may be used to, but a pellet stove can burn either. wood pellets for cat litter

This pellet is made of 100% hardwood and is great for your wood pellet stoves because hardwood gives long combustion. lignetics wood pellets.

We wholesale wood pellets to Stove Shops, Hardware Stores and Retailers in the EU, United States and Canada. Green supreme wood pellets

To find a wood pellet dealer that carries our brands (AMBIANCE and ORFORD), please contact us.

When buying wood pellets by the ton and selecting our delivery option, you’ll get 50, 40 lb bags of pellets delivered to you on a pallet. Shipping time for wood pellets by the ton is generally between 1 and 2 business days, depending on your location. Our carrier’s trucks are equipped with lift gates to make getting your pellets off the truck and on the ground simple.

Bulk provider of wood pellets through online ordering directly to homes through a network of manufacturing sources. We manufacture and distribute wood pellets for home and industrial needs.

Wood pellets are fuels made from natural substances such as sawdust and other by-products of the lumber industry. Leading wood pellet suppliers distribute this form of biofuel as a renewable energy source that produces fewer environmental toxins than other forms of fossil fuels when burned.

Wood pellet suppliers sell this form of clean power to industrial and residential customers around the country. Wood pellets for sale to residential customers are great for specialized heating systems such as pellet stoves and boilers.

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