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wood pellets delivered

Wood pellets delivered. Our strategy has been to locate our pellet plants in the area with the best availability of sustainable fiber. This ensures we have access to the lowest priced wood and provides the best possible risk mitigation against short term supply shocks caused by weather, as well as protecting against any future increase in fiber demand. Wood Pellets In Europe

Our Pine Bluff plant needs almost 1.7m tons of fiber each year. We are able to source 3.5m tons of softwood pulpwood each year within a 75-mile radius of Pine Bluff, which is around 2.2 times more than what we need. Wood pellets delivered

The free Driveway Delivery service is a convenient option for those customers who cannot be home when their heating products are delivered. A delivery coordinator will contact you at least one day in advance to notify you of the delivery and take note of any detailed delivery directions that you specify. One of our skilled drivers will then deliver the product on your driveway the following day. Wood pellets buy online

Our Premier Garage Delivery service includes delivery of your order directly into your garage by one of our professional delivery drivers using a special pallet jack. A delivery coordinator will contact you at least one day in advance to find a mutually convenient delivery time. This option costs an additional charge of $40 and someone needs to be home at the time of delivery. Wood pellets direct Home Depot Wood Pellets by the Ton

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