Wood Pellets for your Home

Wood Pellets for your Home

Wood Pellets for your Home

Wood pellets are a popular option to heat homes during the cold winter season. They offer homeowners a more affordable fuel source compared to natural gas and propane, saving them money on their heating bills. And since wood pellets are made from a natural, renewable resource, you can feel good knowing your choice is better for the environment. order bulk wood pellets.

Whether you’ve switched to using high-quality Energex pellets or you recently installed your first wood pellet stove, you’re probably wondering how many wood pellets you need. Energex is here to help answer that question so you can stay warm and comfortable all winter long. wood pellets for heating.

How are wood pellets made?

Wood pellets are made of compressed sawdust or wood dust. Sometimes this is a waste product from other industries (e.g. sawmills). The pellets are held together by the natural lignin in the wood – no glue is needed. Lignin makes up about a quarter to a third of dry wood. It strengthens the wood as well as having water proofing properties. It is also a good fuel. Wood pellets have a very low moisture content, typically 6-10%. Buy Pure Affordable Wood Pellets.

That means that wood pellets are a very good source of energy because very little of the energy in the pellets is used to evaporate moisture. Pellets are either made using purpose built machinery or they can also easily be made using cow feed machines as the process is very similar. Indeed a cow feed mill may make cow feed for half of the year and then produce wood pellets for the rest of the year!

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For thousands of years, people have burned wood for heat. From campfires to fireplaces, people love the idea of a wood fire heating their house. Maybe it’s the roar of the flames, the smell of burning wood, or the pops and crackles of the fire, but wood burning has always held a place in our hearts. With recent advancements in heating technology, wood heating seemed to have lost it’s place, but has since rebounded with a newer method of wood heating; pellet burning.

Heating your house with a pellet stove using environment friendly Lignetics Wood Pellets from our online shop is a great way to create a warm atmosphere in your house, and save some serious money in the years to come. If you already have a wood pellet stove, we’d love to be your neighborhood supplier of wood pellets for this winter. If you don’t already use this method, here are some reasons why you should consider using wood pellet heating for your house. Hot sale best price wood pellet.

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